2005 Honda CRV Headlight Bulb Replacement

Hi I am the one of the mechanic and today we’re going to replace the Honda CRV headlights the low beams on a 2005 Honda CRV And first off of god lit up over here we’re gonna do one at least for the camera. He looked down in here. You can see. Were the 2005 Honda CRV Headlight Straight ahead. First thing you’re gonna have to do is unplug. At connector. Say push on each side of that tab and pull it out. Next thing you do is grab Roberts have. Pull up upon. In the whole ring. Murmuring will come on. If Now the next part is a little tricky there’s a metal.

2005 honda crv headlight bulbBrackett in here that’s what looks like. So I pushed it in. I pushed it in and then lifted it up. In lifted up. Pull back. Now you can take the other deal like about 2005 honda crv headlight bulb. Here’s the old lake palm and it’s going to go in. The new ones in the going the same way this one came out with those 2 little holes. Down there. Facing towards the bottom and I thought I would see some burn marks arena some black but instead. It’s got the old shaky sound inside in here. Here are my new balls I went for some. Highly rated. Performance balls because these are $60 just about anywhere but on there’s an eBay seller the housing for $29 shipped. Here’s the new ball gonna shake a little nervous. No go on this way. And my hand barely fits in Honda CRV Headlight here.

There’s the Bob about to go in. When you put this cover back on. Says top. And also has a little arrow the lineup. Of the center. But the best way to do it is just fit that. Around the 3 prongs that this whole around 3 prongs. And then line the center up in a religious snap ring on pretty easily. Because. You tempted to click back on. Pretty easy. Slide right on. It’s always good to see that it works after you’re done. Time to shut the hood and go to bed.

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