AirbagsToday airbags are commonplace not only for expensive cars, but also on small inexpensive cars. They are designed for drivers and passengers in the front and rear seats.

The front airbags are triggered receiving an emergency signal from the control unit. Depending on the design, the degree of filling of the gas can vary. Their purpose is to protect the driver and passenger from injuries with hard objects (body, engine, etc.) and fragments of glass in frontal collisions.

Side airbags are designed to reduce the damage of the people in the car in a side impact. They are mounted on the door or in the front seat backrests. In a side collision external sensors send signals to the central airbag control unit.

Using the driver’s air bag, probability of death in frontal collisions is reduced by 20-25%. If airbags have been deployed, or have been somehow damaged, they can’t be repaired.

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