2010 Honda Accord v6 – review caR

2010 Honda Accord v6Shopping for a new car can be fun and exciting and yet challenging especially near looking at the beautiful 2010 Honda Accord EXL. Now the differences on the exterior are minor the door handles are color coordinated on the for the 6 some of the crown. You’ve got power passenger seat on the 6 owner basic standard seating on the 4, but the big difference is under the hood do I go with the 4 cylinder like a 2.4 liter here with 190 horsepower or do I go with the 6 owner the 3.5 liter dual overhead cam engine system generating 271 horsepower. And for $2300 difference between the 2 the choice is up to you so let’s go find out is it worth.

Well we’re inside the Accord now enjoying a nice smooth ride because. On the interior which is always great. Some people wonder how come the 6 owner gets. Good fuel efficiency and part of that is from the variable valve management system. And I screwed that up. Variable cylinder management system. What that does is that it higher speed though actually cut off 3 of the cylinders so they’re not utilizing the energy but you’re still traveling and saving fuel consumption at the same time saving fuel consumption. Saving fuel consumption. You can edit that part out right.¬†Additional information Honda Accord headligts ¬†see at http://rentaldelight.com/honda-accord/headlights.html

Okay, let’s see what the 4 cylinder verses, the 6 cylinder feels like. Side by side. We’ll take it in the 6 will check out the for let’s find out how we do your any 12 Smooth this Plenty of acceleration. Plenty of performance. It’s nice to 6 what do you expect. Well there you have it. For some other versus 6 cylinder there’s really no question. You’ve got 271 horsepower 90 horsepower. But the fact of the matter is. The 6 cylinder doesn’t have to work as hard as a 4 if you’re carrying more cargo in more people. So the choice is really up to you save a little bit of fuel efficiency or little bit less stressful but more power. Taking both first Ben and find out for yourself which you prefer.

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