2013 Chrysler 300 – S AWD – 300HP

2013 Chrysler 300 Did you ever hear once again for me decries there in Burlington Ontario presenting to you this 2013 brand new 300 type that. Right away you’re gonna notice these premium 19 inch wheels found only on the 300 type best that’s all you know the type that’s these wheels black inserts with machine front face up not only is this car immaculate looking but it all wheel drive. Right now we are going to notice this Bentley inspired front end. Black grille insert. With projector style headlights and buying a neon bulbs with and Chrysler 300 xenon headlights, stripping to as well gross ignores the chrome inserts all along the front and around the fog lights as well it’s projected style headlights. The heart of the still the same. 3.6 liter V6. Regularly raided 285 horsepower but with this being the type best it’s great at 300. Dodgers big thing over the last 2 years have been Chrysler.

Answering go system. Keeping the key and the pocket with the door locked top the door handle door unlocks. We got power windows. Power door locks along with power adjustable side mirrors. And. Blind spot indicators so a car comes in your blind spot these life laid out. Around the back got a big 8020 split both the seeds do foot down making a flat area along with this nice leather stitched interior along with the rear heated seats. In the trunk. Very easy tab button truck opens here shrunk. With this being the 300 type best there is the premium sound system here with beats by Drake. I 10 speaker system with a subwoofer. Along the back here to you’ll notice if you look really close. Tiny 4 centers everywhere that’s freer rear park assist the park assist is located as well on the front so that when you’re close to a vehicle pieces wells when you’re close to backing up abuses well offered by the big one. I Right as you hopping you’re gonna notice the dual pane panoramic sunroof.

Push button start the press the brake with the keys in pocket click the button. Start the car. Beatsbydre audio like we talked about before the biggest difference with a 300. They best as the 8 speed automatic transmission. Back up to the sun roof one touch open. Huge more than half the car. One touch clothes. As well as the sun shade for those really sunny days. The nicest part about this car as the fact that everything is right from you very easy to use. A big thing to it the 3 hundreds as this button right here. That is the adaptive cruise control so when cruise control is on and you could be a doctor cruise control button it’ll gap you without you having to press the gas for the break so when you come close to Carl back off and when you got from a car it’ll speed up. We got trip tronic capabilities as well like a sport mode aspect.

We still got your voice recognition with Bluetooth. Along with an 8.4 inch touch screen with integrated controls for climate for heated seats both driver and passenger along with a heated steering wheel as well. Those bad boys also equipped with. Full on navigation by Garmin. And sorry and a backup camera. A big thing too with the 300 type us anyhow these Cup holders not only are they eliminated but their heated and cooled as well. We only have one of these in stock right now it is black in color so please. Give us a call you need cries are gonna dance out of this is the brand new 2013 Chrysler 300 type us.

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