2012 Toyota Highlander Test Drive & SUV Review

2012 Toyota HighlanderFor all around a lot of people you probably the market for a 3 row SUV and is a Lotta options out there however if your Toyota Highlander. The outside the Highlander is a little bit on the bland side but Toyota did a few nice finishes including this chrome look real appeared these nice fog lamps the school can headlights and the seventies tires sticking around 245 series BP looking toy rubber. Toyota’s dim you few choices under the hood of the Highlander you can go with a 2.7 liter 4 cylinder engine which gets 187 horses or you can step up to a 3.5 litre V. 6 was pushes out 270 forces. That V. 6 is paired with a 5 speed automatic however the 4 cylinder engine gets a 6 speed automatic with the 4 cylinder engine you can get a 2 wheel drive but if you go with that V. 6 you get 2 wheel drive or 4 wheel drive.

Toyota has been quite smart on the inside of this Highlander this is a 3 row car which means you’re gonna have to put people back there which means they’re gonna need some legroom that means you can slide the seat up however when they’re not back there. Slide it back and at 63 I have plenty of room actually quite comfortable I’ve got tons of headroom everything feels good back here this is a great second rope and when this is up to become the third row. When you think about a Toyota you think about practicality and that’s no different here the Highlander.

Go on first glance it looks like we don’t have much room this luggage. I guarantee you that this does fit however it is snug but not always gonna people back here. Pull this. Flip it forward tons more room you do to this site to view of cargo for days. If that’s still not enough room for you cargo Levin freaks there’s another trick up its sleeve here. Pull both the switch is now the second row was flat and it is like paid airplane hangar. Toyota was kind of put everything at your fingertips here from the driver’s seat of the Highlander you get some great steering wheel mounted controls like audio stuff you’ve also bigger Bluetooth pairing set up ball handled from right here. Additionally that keeps this area free for other stuff it’s just basically radio H. back and you’ve got a separate screen up here which displays trip information and also serves as a rear view camera. I don’t expect like with any new car initially that first time you sit in it they’re almost always comparable target find it uncomfortable new car problem is when you spend a little bit of time here on a long trip the seats start to get a little tiresome . Our tester here is equipped with a 2.7 liter engine.

We thought it was going to be underpowered however it’s surprisingly pokey give the gas a few stabs and that toward kicks in and you you go this thing moved a little bit. Despite that were still getting over 20 miles per gallon which is fantastic on the minus side a star a sudden start stop it feels herky jerky we think we’d lose that with the V. 6 would also lose the fuel economy. The Highlander is the perfect middle of the road entry for the person who’s looking for a 7 passenger 3 row SUV there’s nothing amazing about it it does everything adequately it’s got some trick features with regards to the cargo area and it’s comfortable enough with solid fuel economy. It’s not outstanding it’s just good.

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